Saturday, June 9

Summer Lovin'....books

Uh well-a-well-a-well-a HUH
Summer lovin....had me a blast

I homeschool year-round, but our summers get more relaxed, with most of our learning coming from our reading. In addition to educational reading, there is plenty of FUN reading. Better yet, I love it when they fully consider the educational reading to BE fun reading.

Whether you homeschool or not, you care about the education your child gets and have probably stressed over whether or not they might miss something. Every now and then the worry starts to creep up on me, but I go back to my Well Trained Mind book and remember that I am teaching them to love learning. I remember all of the things that I have only just learned as an adult teaching them. I remember that they have the rest of their lives to continue to learn as they continue to love learning.

Loving reading is a big part of that. If they can read, they can learn. This week, I'm sharing some of my family's favorites with you. We'll cover:

Boys' Favorites
My boys have shared with me their list of books they think every boy should read.

Girls' Favorites
I've made a list of the books I've seen my girls unable to put down.

Mom's Favorites
Definitely not a true title. This will be a list of my most recent reads I've enjoyed. I couldn't possibly make a list of favorites.

Educational Favorites
This list is of books we've enjoyed alongside our studies, generally historical fiction.

Any other topical requests? How about book title contributions? It's a lot of pressure trying to remember absolute favorites and I hate to leave any must-reads off of the lists. What are some of your favorites that you think should be on these lists?

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